How to light your wood heater

If you’ve ever tried to start a wood fire and failed, this three minute video from Australian Home Heating Association will show you how to light and run your fire efficiently and cleaning in 8 easy steps.

How to choose firewood

When using a wood heater, the quality of your firewood is important. Choosing a quality wood ensures that your fire does not burn inefficiently and produce excessive emissions.

Wood heat is good heat

Wood heaters have been providing Australian homes with powerful and reliable heating for over 200 years. But did you know that wood heating is also friendly on the environment? Evidence from the CSIRO that wood heat produces significantly lower CO2 emissions than electricity and gas.

Wood heater maintenance

Maintaining your wood heater will ensure your unit is not only safe, but efficient and clean-burning. Learn why in this 3 minute video from Australian Home Heating. Book your annual heater maintenance during late spring or summer to ensure you’re ready for the autumn chill.

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