Get your home ready for summer with our home ventilation options.

Let cooler fresh air into the roof from outside and let hot air in your roof cavity out. Reduce the temperature in your home efficiently and naturally.

Orlik Heating offers the home ventilation options from top Australian suppliers, including with flame zone rating up to BAL40.

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wind driven


  • Wind driven, roof mounted, aluminium ventilator
  • Designed to exhaust heat and moisture from the roof space of a home, without the use of electricity
  • Compliant to BAL-29 when installed with a sparkguard
  • Available in 26 colours

wind driven


  • Removal of heat and moisture in roof spaces
  • No energy consumption
  • Suitable for metal and tiled roofs and most roof colours
  • High quality polymer and aluminium
  • 17 colours
  • 15 year warranty

wind driven

TurboBeam Skylight

  • Wind driven ventilator with a clear acrylic head designed to exhaust heat and damp, and provide natural light to the roof space and storage areas
  • Removal of heat and moisture in roof spaces
  • Ideal for garages and sheds
  • Suitable for metal and tiled roofs
  • Clear acrylic head
  • High quality polymer and aluminium
  • Deters unwanted vermin and pests
  • 15 year warranty

solar powered


  • Provides natural and energy free ventilation
  • When SolarXVENT’s panel is exposed to sunlight the fan is activated and generates a powerful flow rate, exhausting heat and humidity

smart electric


  • A powerful, mechanically driven ventilator with Air iQ technology
  • Automatically detects heat and humidity to remove it from the roof space
  • Allows the entry of light to deter vermin in the roof space.

smart electric

Maestro BAL

  • The Maestro BAL roof ventilator is the perfect type of roof ventilation for the Blue Mountains, with the highest BAL rating (BAL-40) of all roof ventilation products.
  • The electric motor means it doesn’t rely on wind to function.
  • It turns on automatically to remove heat and humidity from your roof space using its intelligent heat and moisture sensor.

smart electric


  • A smart air exchange system that helps make your home more comfortable to live in for less.
  • Designed to provide fast and effective relief from heat build-up, Odyssey replaces hot inside air with outside air to reduce temperatures in the home.

smart electric

EcoFan Subfloor Ventilation

  • Remove damp, humid air from your sub floor to keep your family and your home healthy
  • Air iQ detects the temperature and humidity levels in your sub floor, allowing EcoFan to adjust to the environment
  • Cross flow ventilation is achieved by setting one EcoFan to exhaust stale, damp air from the underfloor areas into the external environment, and the other to bring fresh, better quality air into a under floor space

Available in a range of Colorbond® colours

Bradford ventilators are available in a wide range of colours to suit residential and commercial applications. Colour availability varies by model. Please ask us.

Classic Cream™
Evening Haze®
Pale Eucalypt®
Cottage Green®
Manor Red®
Shale Grey™
Woodland Grey®
Deep Ocean®
Night Sky®

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